many media outlets prohibit cannabis advertising.

The Cannabis Marketing Experts (CMEs) at Sativa Advertising develop custom strategies and tactics to creatively market to your potential customer or patient, despite the media challenges the cannabis industry is currently facing. 


when others zig, we zag. 

Our full-service advertising agency is committed to serving your cannabis related business. Let us show you how we develop compelling content that engages, educates and entertains the cannabis customers, patients, and businesses you want to reach.


You might think cannabis sells itself. But what makes your cannabis related business stand apart from all the others? The answer is, your brand. Sativa Advertising builds brands, and can give your cannabis related business a huge advantage. 

we do it better than anyone else.

Pretty bold statement, right? Not when you consider that our ultra-creative writers, art directors, producers and creative directors have decades of experience and have won some of the most coveted awards in the advertising field. In fact, our creatives have worked with some of the world's largest advertising agencies, and are now committed to creating the highest quality advertising for your cannabis related business. 

Bottom line is, if you want more customers and patients for your cannabis related business; we're the full-service, cannabis committed agency you should have working on your advertising. Contact us today!

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